Patchwork Prisoners

Patchwork Prisoners: the Rajah Quilt and the women who made it

by Trudy Cowley and Dianne Snowden

Shortlisted for the Kay Daniels Award 2014.

Launched on 19 July 2013 by the Premier of Tasmania, Lara Giddings.

Patchwork Prisoners is a study of the 180 female convicts who were transported to Van Diemen's Land from the United Kingdom in 1841 on the Rajah. It is also a study of the Rajah Quilt and the convicts on board who may have been involved in the making of the Quilt on their voyage to Van Diemen's Land. The role of Miss Kezia Hayter as Matron on board and in the making of the Quilt is also explored.

The study is a valuable reference and resource for historians, genealogists and family historians.

Biographies of the 140 women on board available—see Rajah Biographies

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