Since publication, minor errors have been found in A Drift of 'Derwent Ducks'. These are listed here for the 1st edition and the 2nd edition.

1st Edition Errata

Judith Farrell

On page 151 of the CD there is an entry for Judith FARRELL which is incorrect and should be deleted.

24 April 1853   To Henry Mylam Cockerill, New Norfolk.

This should read 24 April 1855 and is already listed there under that date.

Catherine McMahon

At the bottom of page 242 of the book is written:

Catherine McMahon's brothers Denis and William McMahon were tried with her and each sentenced to seven years' transportation, arriving on the Hyderabad 3 in December 1850.

Catherine's brothers Denis and William were sentenced to ten years' transportation.

Catherine O'Neal

At the top of page 248 of the book is written:

Six weeks later, Richard Styles applied for permission to marry Catherine and they married on 1 January 1855.  Catherine, who had a large scar on her forehead, had no shortage of proposals and chose to marry a man with one arm.

Catherine's husband Richard STYLES did not have one arm.  Her husband was transported on the Tortoise in 1842 as Richard STILES.  The Richard STYLES with one arm was transported on the Recovery in 1837.

Ann Tully

On page 381 of the CD there is an incorrect entry for Ann TULLY which should be deleted.

26 February 1851   Application for permission to marry Thomas Bridgeman (Susan 2); referred 1 March PM Huon & 4 March Revd E Freeman.

This is actually a reference to Ann FEELY (qv).

Repayment of Transportation Costs

I am currently investigating further the regulations by which convicts were required to repay their transportation costs upon arrival in order to be eligible for a Ticket-of-Leave. This scheme was strongly promoted by Lord Earl Grey, but in Tasmania the Comptroller General, JS Hampton, and the Lieutenant-Governor, Sir William Denison, argued that it was unworkable and so suspended the scheme a year or two after it was implemented.

The following correspondence relates to the scheme for convicts to repay the cost of their transportation prior to being able to obtain a Ticket-of-Leave.

Date From—To Description Reference
28 September 1848 Denison to Earl Grey Inital reaction to scheme. TAHO, GO 33/1/65 No.195 pp.437–508
8 January 1850 Denison to Earl Grey Notes on scheme. TAHO, GO 33/1/69 No.9 pp.41–94
25 July 1850 Earl Grey to Denison Changes to scheme re amount paid and now compulsory (3 enclosures). TAHO, GO 1/1/78 No.114 pp.103–167
27 July 1850 Denison to Earl Grey Reiteration of improbability of scheme. TAHO, GO 25/1/17 No.171 pp.252–260
3 December 1850 Denison to Earl Grey   TAHO, GO 33/1/72 No.253 pp.607–639
4 August 1851 Earl Grey to Denison   TAHO, GO 1/1/82 No.156 pp.183–222
3 October 1851 Denison to Earl Grey   TAHO, GO 33/1/74 No.140 pp.418–450
31 January 1852 Denison to Earl Grey Requesting permission to terminate the scheme (incl. memorandum from Hampton). TAHO, GO 33/1/75 No.24 pp.304–331
1 July 1852 Pakington to Denison Permission to terminate the scheme. TAHO, GO 1/1/85 No.58



2nd Edition Errata

 No errata recorded as yet. 

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