Miss Leake's Journal

Cover of Miss Leake's JournalTITLE: MIss Leake's Journal

AUTHOR: Alice Meredith Hodgson


PUBLISHER: Research Tasmania


SIZE: 188 A5 pages

ISBN: 9780992496708


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Rosedale was the centre of Sarah Leake's world. Her journal, penned in the mid-nineteenth century when women led lives focussed on domesticity, reveals a close family and a diverse social network. Some were elite, some were not: daily life brought Saarh into contact with all classes. It gives an insight into the management of the house, the relationship between members of the family and their predominantly convict house servants, the requirements for daily life in an isolated rural setting, and the visiting and visitors associated with colonial socialising.

The book is fully indexed and contains illustrations, recipes, extensive annotations and background information to assist with the interpretation of the journal.

An insightful window into a colonial private world this remarkable account of the day-to-day life of an elite nineteenth century Tasmanian woman has been expertly framed and contextualised. 

(Hamish Maxwell-Stewart)


An outline of the book is provided below.

Book Outline

Miss Leake's Journal contains the following chapters:


Miss Sarah Leake of Rosedale

Explanatory Notes on the Transcription

Transcription: Journal of Sarah Elizabeth Leake—covers the period April 1854 to May 1855

Miss Leake in the Kitchen—recipes

Annotations—information on people and places mentioned in the journal



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