Research into Convict Administration

Research into convict administration helps understanding of research into female convicts and convict institutions. Research Tasmania has conducted research into the regulations for probation passholders and memorials for indulgence.


Regulations for Probation Passholders

Further research is being undertaken into the regulations by which convicts were required to repay their transportation costs upon arrival in order to be eligible for indulgences, including Tickets of Leave. This follows on from information in A Drift of 'Derwent Ducks'.

This scheme was strongly promoted by Lord Earl Grey, but in Tasmania the Comptroller General, JS Hampton, and the Lieutenant-Governor, Sir William Denison, argued that it was unworkable and so suspended the scheme a year or two after it was implemented.

The following correspondences, held in the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office (TAHO), relate to the scheme for convicts to repay the cost of their transportation prior to being able to obtain a Ticket of Leave.

  • GO 33/1/65 No.195 pp.437–508: 28 Sep 1848, from Denison to Earl Grey, initial reaction to scheme
  • GO 33/1/69 No.9 pp.41–94: 8 Jan 1850, from Denison to Earl Grey, notes on scheme
  • GO 1/1/78 No.114 pp.103–167: 25 Jul 1850, from Earl Grey to Denison, changes to scheme re amount paid and now compulsory (3 enclosures)
  • GO 33/1/71 No.168 pp.409–419: 25 Jul 1850, from Denison to Earl Grey
  • GO 25/1/17 No.171 pp.252–260: 27 Jul 1850, from Denison to Earl Grey, reiteration of improbability of scheme
  • GO 33/1/72 No.253 pp.607–639: 3 Dec 1850, from Denison to Earl Grey
  • GO 1/1/82 No.156 pp.183–222: 4 Aug 1851, from Earl Grey to Denison
  • GO 33/1/74 No.140 pp.418–450: 3 Oct 1851, Denison to Earl Grey
  • GO 33/1/75 No.24 pp.304–331: 31 Jan 1852, from Denison to Earl Grey, requesting permission to terminate the scheme (including memorandum from Hampton)
  • GO 1/1/85 No.58: 1 Jul 1852, from Pakington to Denison, permission to terminate the scheme


Memorials for Indulgence

An index of the CON 44 series held at the Tasmanian Heritage and Archives Office (TAHO) has been compiled. Memorials for indulgence include memorials for Tickets of Leave, Permissions to Marry, Conditional Pardons, etc.


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